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Find Experienced Healthcare Professionals in Savannah, GA

Smith & Associates Healthcare Placements makes it easy to find quality healthcare professionals in Savannah, GA, and beyond. With our extensive network and vetting process, we can connect you with highly qualified physician assistants and nurse practitioners from around the country. When you utilize our services, you can shorten your search times and extend the capabilities of your care team.


It is essential to find a candidate who is compatible with your work environment and requirements when looking for a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. That is why we provide an effective career matching service that adapts to your needs. We simplify the search and hiring process by tapping into our extensive network.

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We understand the needs of healthcare providers. That is why we provide many search solutions that match your organization with quality healthcare workers from across the country. Additionally, we use a contingency fee system, which means you only pay for our matching service if we fill your position with a candidate we suggest.


Should you hire a candidate with our help, our fee is $12,000, payable 30 days after the employment start date. With all of our candidates, we provide a 90-day replacement guarantee.


When you are ready to find a physician assistant or nurse practitioner to join your practice, allow us to assist you. Please complete the contact form below to begin your search today.

Contact us at (912) 441-4206 to learn more about our healthcare professional matching services. We are located in Savannah, GA.