About Us

About Us

Smith & Associates Healthcare Placements specializes in the professional recruitment and placement of Allied Health Professionals nationwide. Based out of Savannah, Georgia, we provide this service at no cost to the candidates to whom we select to extend our services.
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How We Are Organized

All fees are paid by the employers who contract with us to assist them in their recruitment efforts. We provide a dependable and confidential service, and we are independently owned by Ray E. Smith, an experienced healthcare recruiter.

In addition to recruiting for job opportunities for established clients, we focus on your needs as a candidate. We confidentially market your skills in the geographic areas you indicate and to only those types of practices as you described.


Our Role in the Process

We serve as an intermediary during the interviewing and negotiation process. Know when you receive an appropriate compensation offer, and understand your benefits, paid continuing medical education, and malpractice insurance options. All interviewing and relocation expenses are paid by the employer.

We advise our employers to provide written agreements or contracts in order that both parties have an understanding of the employment terms. By qualifying each employment situation, we make sure you don't go on wild goose chases. No one involved wants to waste time and money.


Our Network

Because we are affiliated with a number of selected associates throughout the country, we are able to have intimate knowledge of employment opportunities in specific geographic regions. These affiliations facilitate a swift location of job opportunities and provide a greater ability to find qualified candidates quickly.

By carefully coordinating with you, we never conflict your efforts with those of another candidate or another employer. Our confidential and thorough work makes sure you there aren't unnecessary phone calls at your current job. There are no surprises and no disappointments.


Fee Information

Although, our assistance your career is invaluable, there is no cost for our services to you. The employer who contracts with us pays all the fees. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we are paid only after you are successfully placed in a position. Our thorough referencing information provides a guarantee to our employers.


With an up-to-date database of active career opportunities nationwide, we always have a hot list of qualified candidates who are immediately available for a new career opportunity. Whether you are an allied health professional or an employer, we assist you in your career search or recruitment efforts!

Client Feedback

• "I called you first because you are straight forward and get results." - Dr. V. Desai
• "Ray Smith has been the best (and nicest) recruiter I have worked with over the years." - Dr. L. Deramus
• "We hired the first candidate you provided us with, after interviewing for four months. Thank you!"– Tammie Simao, CEO"
• "We had these NP openings for six months until we started working with you.  You had great candidates for us in two weeks!" - W. Thomas, Administrator
• "Thanks for helping us. You are very good in finding good candidates." - Dr. A Naushad

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